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Tradition serving innovation



• A land of Winemakers : ROC CUVE is located in the heart of Castilla La Mancha, this sea of vineyards. It has long been held to be the world’s largest alcoholic wine producer, with more than 600,000 hectares, hundreds of different grape varieties can now be found here.

• For over 2,000 years mankind has been storing and transporting wine in barrels shaped by the technology of our ancestors. To satisfy the demands of an evolving world, with an acute concern for its environment and a need to optimise the use of space, this idea is the simple obvious solution.

• A revolutionary concept for storage and ageing in wood, it offers significant financial advantages and has environmentally friendly components which are 100% recyclable: ROC CUVE because the future is already here.

• Each barrel that comes out of our cooperage is a unique product, a piece of craftsmanship.